What is HCG- Benefits of taking HCG DIET?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadoptropin, it can be a naturally occurring hormone in the human body and produced by both men and women. This hormone has performed several functions within the body and has an ability to transmit signals to the part of the brain such as Hypothalamus. This part helps to control the fatigue, thirst, hunger, temperature and metabolism in your body.

When it comes to dietary information about HCG, it is not intended to provide any medical advice or diagnose, treat and cure. They also not provide you any medical prescription. Rather than, you can seek medical advice from the qualified health care professional before taking the HCG drops or diet. Usually, the hcg drops are manufactured by the FDA licensed company and also approved laboratory to ensure the safety.

When you take HCG drops, it will start working effectively and trigger the part of your brain as hypothalamus to use the stored fat as energy than food. These drops can greatly reduce the hunger cravings and allow the users to lose more pounds within a short span of time. However, these drops are not only used your stored fat as energy, but also prevents your tissues in muscle from breaking down.

When compared to any other weight loss diets, the HCG has included huge benefits. It is available at cheap prices and probably saving you a lot of money. With this HCG diet, you can reduce the large amount of calories and get you see the desired weight loss results. Once you start suing this product, you will obtain the following benefits such as,

Most effective HCG diet formulation for weight loss

Provide unlimited diet support

No prescription required

Great access to advice, guides, menus and recipes

Lose up to 2 pounds every day

No injections required

Get the same HCG diet that the doctors offer you

100% money back guarantee

Shipping product on the same day

How does it work?

When you take HCG drops, it will be placed under the tongue for rapid quick absorption into your blood stream. This product can greatly help you to trigger your body for using the stored fat as energy rather than food that you have eaten. The result of this product is burning from 3500 to 4000 calories of fat on each day. It also allows you to lose pounds of half to 2 of fat per day. This HCG drop will definitely make an amazing storm in the weight loss results. It will highly force your body to unlock the fat storage more efficiently and also helps to convert it as energy. This is why; people can lose weight more quickly with the use of an HCG diet plan.

When to take HCG drops?

Once you decide to take hcg drops, it is better to take three times per day before the breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make sure do not eat anything before and after 15 minutes of taking this drop. You can allow the HCG drops to sit under your tongue for minimum 15 seconds before swallowing it. Also, do not exceed the exact dosage specified in the product.

How to Backup IP Camera Data To the Cloud?

Cloud storage is ubiquitous now and a lot of people are already enjoying different cloud storage services.

Gone are the days where you have to physically bring external disc drives just to transfer data to and from another device.

Also, gone are the days where the data from the files can be taken from you (aka, when the disc drives get stolen).

You see, Cloud storage services are amazing because they not only protect your files (because they are very secure and their security mechanisms are top notch) but you can also subscribe to these services and they will give you different storage limits depending on your needs.

With that being said, did you know that you can backup your IP camera’s data to your preferred cloud storage service?

In this article, I will talk about how you can backup your IP camera’s data to your preferred Cloud storage service.

1. The IP Camera itself. Some modern IP cameras will have a certain integration between popular Cloud storage services. For example, Mangocam, a security firm that makes IP cameras, can integrate to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive directly from the IP camera itself. All you have to do to enable this feature is by accessing the IP camera on a computer (using an internet browser). Next, go to the IP camera’s settings and make sure to enable the option to upload to a supported cloud storage service. If your IP camera does not have this feature, do not fret; you can upload it manually by doing another step.

2. Manual Uploading. Now, the IP cameras can be set to upload its data to a computer via an IP address. Well, you can set the computer to upload on a preferred cloud storage service once it receives the data from your IP camera. Let’s take Dropbox as an example. Dropbox has its own software which will allow you to upload files from a folder, for example. The beauty of this software is that it has an automatic file upload feature which will automatically upload new files to your Dropbox account. If you’re using another service other than Dropbox, they may have a similar software that you can make use of. If your preferred cloud storage service doesn’t have its own software, then there is one last thing you can do.

3. Scheduled Backups Using Windows Scheduler. The Windows Scheduler is an amazing tool for PCs in that it automates some tasks for you, provided that you input the correct parameters. If you’re using a cloud storage service that doesn’t have its own software, you can automate the upload process by using the Windows Scheduler. To do this, open the Windows scheduler application and then allow it to open your favorite web browser and have it navigate to your cloud storage account. You can set it to upload new content (from the IP camera folder where it stores its data) and allow it to upload the content at set intervals (say, an hour interval each). This may be a bit cumbersome to do but it gets the job done.

IP camera data can be sensitive and it can be used by evil people to do their bidding. To ensure that your data is secure, make sure to upload it to your preferred cloud storage service.

KontrolFreek SCAR Thumbsticks

Just when I thought that FPS games are best played on the PC, I was blown away when I saw that there are a lot of gamers who play FPS games on the game consoles.

I thought by using a gaming mouse and keyboard in that you will have the competitive edge in FPS games, but given the right controller, game console owners can also edge out the competition as well hoverboard pas cher.

It is no surprise to anyone that FPS games on the game console require thumbsticks for their movements. May it be to control your character to move forward, sideward, or back, thumbsticks are an integral part of game console FPS gamers.

As useful as they may be, there is one common problem with conventional thumbsticks: the rubber coating rubs off with time.

If you frequently play on game consoles, especially when playing FPS games, there is a high probability that your thumbsticks’ coating will wear off quickly.

That is just normal as game console manufacturers rarely look at the durability of the thumbsticks anyway.

So, if you’re an FPS gamer and you frequently play on game consoles, how do you remedy the rubber wear and tear of the controller’s thumbsticks?

Well, there is a company called “KontrolFreek” that specializes in thumbsticks and different kinds of grips for game console controllers.

Today, I will talk about their newest offering called the KontrolFreek SCAR Thumbsticks. The KontrolFreek SCAR Thumbsticks is inspired by the upcoming first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The KontrolFreek SCAR Thumbsticks come in Gray and Dark Blue colors and they look absolutely great.

The thumbsticks replace the flimsy rubber coating of the original thumbsticks and it slaps on fine without unscrewing the thumbsticks off the original game controller.

Basically, this is just an add-on to your thumbsticks and it reinforces the feel and grip of the original ones.

Now, the KontrolFreek SCAR Thumbsticks stood the test of time as the company reports that even after 6 months of use (8 hours a day of gaming), the thumbsticks are still in pretty good shape with just minimal tearing.

Plus, the KontrolFreek SCAR Thumbsticks provides exceptional grip compared to the original rubber coating of popular game controllers.

Couple that with the fact that the SCAR thumbsticks come with a cool art that showcases the new Infinite Warfare emblem.

As of now, the KontrolFreek SCAR Thumbsticks is a limited edition thumbsticks’ coating replacement. It might not be on sale after this year, so if you want one of these, you better get them while you can.

What I love about the KontrolFreek SCAR Thumbsticks is that it not only supports the original Dualshock 4 and Xbox One controllers but it also supports controllers from third-party manufacturers as well.

That is because the thumbsticks are of uniform design and build, making the KontrolFreek SCAR Thumbsticks fit just about any other controller out there on the market.

I recommend getting the KontrolFreek SCAR Thumbsticks if you want to further enhance the thumbsticks of your game controllers.